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Lucy's Experience: What I’ve Learnt From Coaching

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I’ve been having coaching from Monika for nearly a year now. That’s a looooong time to have a relationship with someone. And guess what? It’s not going to end anytime soon. This is simply because I have benefitted SO much from my coaching, and I thought I would share these benefits with you so you can learn how you could benefit too.

1 - Self Awareness

I’ve always been a ‘get up and go’ person. This would lead to two intense working weeks and weekends, followed by three days of being ill. A cycle that would just repeat and repeat. It wasn’t until my coaching with Monika that I realised how unhealthy this was. I learnt that taking more time for myself during the day can sustain me more, to the point that I won’t burn out after two weeks. She helped me implement new healthy habits into my daily routine, and held me accountable (in a friendly way of course!) to keep me going and to make sure I don’t fall off the track! If I were just to try these habits on my own, realistically, they wouldn’t stick for long (lets be honest, we’ve all been here) - but having Monika on my back has definitely helped me stick to them!

2 - Recruitment

Monika has an extensive background in HR with lots of involvement in the recruitment process, so she really knows what employers are looking for. Due to this experience, her reviews of my applications and CV were invaluable. She really does have the eagle eyes of a recruiter that you or a friend just don’t possess! With her city background she has experience working with employees on all levels, so can really help you understand what is expected with the role, which can only make your applications and interviews stronger. There are so many great free resources out there, but Monika has literally worked behind the doors of the firms, she has been involved in the decision making process and can review your application from all aspects - a totally unique insight!

3 - Motivation

As my summer internships got moved online, I really felt that my whole career journey had hit a block. Which left me unmotivated about my future prospects. After one session with Monika, I was reminded about looking at the WHOLE journey, not just the turning in front of me - and my motivation to keep pursuing my career interests was back. That’s the great thing about having a coach like Monika, I feel like I can talk to her about anything, and she can really look at my thoughts from a zoomed-out perspective and help build my resilience up.

These are just three benefits I’ve had from Monika’s coaching - but trust me - there have been many more and I’m sure you can experience these and more too! I was apprehensive before I started coaching, but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I can’t image not having Monika by my side to help me clarify and achieve my goals! If you’re looking for someone who genuinely wants to see you succeed, book in a session with Monika. You won’t regret it!

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