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Don't let Impostor Syndrome lie to you

Impostor Syndrome refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. You might feel like you don't belong where you are, and you only got there through luck. What are the common signs of Impostor Syndrome?

Common signs of Impostor Syndrome include:

* Self-doubt * Overachieving * An inability to realistically assess your competence and skill * Fear that you won't live up to expectations * Setting very challenging goals and feeling disappointed when you fall short * Sabotaging your success As a life coach, I work with people who sense they have more personal and professional potential but feel blocked from fulfilling it, mostly because of Imposter Syndrome.

I am going to tell you why you shouldn’t believe your Imposter Syndrome and why it is all lies! Lies that Impostor Syndrome tells you

Imposter Syndrome often lies to you and tells you that other people are better than you, you will never be successful, and if you do it will be down to luck.

Let’s dive into some of the most common lies we believe about ourselves and how to remove them! LIE no.1 - Your self-doubt proved that you’re inadequate Actually, the fact that you are experiencing the Imposter Syndrome in the first place proves that you are conscientious, high-functioning and have strong values of integrity and excellence. Having some self-doubt is proof of your humanity, not that you’re inadequate!

LIE no.2 - Successful people don’t experience this Just like you, everyone's afraid of failure. In fact, it's the reason many people don't aim too high in the first place as staying close to the ground is insurance against getting hurt. So many successful people experience this feeling, such as Maya Angelou and Meryl Streep! You are not alone with this one.

LIE no.3 - You don’t have anything important to say When we believe this lie, we say nothing and miss out on opportunities to share what we want to say and don't collaborate with our peers. Therefore we also miss out on growth, learning and connection. If you’re ever in a situation where you think that your input isn’t important or has already been said, remember that, yes, it may have already been said, but never in the same way as you will say it! Your way will be informed by your unique and complex structure of values, perspectives, experiences, strengths, heart and your very character.

LIE no.4 - You will never be able to pull that off again So you did something amazing and received praise, fantastic! But now you believe that your talent, knowledge, creativity, and ability to do it again is limited. So, why bother again? Well, your success was the result of the skills that you brought to the table, and you CAN do it again!

LIE no.5 - You can’t trust others praise (or, they’re just being kind to me) You will believe that you’ve pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, so they’re bound to think you’re smarter and more capable than you really are, right? WRONG. You will most likely point out the flaws in your work, but try just to realise that they truly mean what they are saying. They are praising you for what you really are, competent, smart, and capable. Try to accept their compliment!

So moving on, let’s not believe this lies but believe in yourself! The legal sector is challenging, and there will be lots of setbacks, but you are capable, and you’ve got this!

Please feel free to get in touch or message me for more information on how to battle Imposter Syndrome!

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