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Lucy's Experience: Life / Career Coaching - My Honest Experiences

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

A lot of you know that I've been fortunate to have life and career coaching with @monika_coaching - and a LOT of you have been asking about my honest opinion. Is it worth it? What do we do? SO, here are my honest thoughts...

The First Session

Before the first session, I was SUPER nervous about what would happen - what Monika would be like and what questions she would be asking me. From the start of the Skype call, I felt super comfortable chatting with her and was put at ease by her friendly attitude.

The discovery session is a way for her to get to know you a bit more, and also provided a great platform for me to reflect on my values and goals. Since the first session, I have been introducing new habits into my routine - steps that I was encouraged to undertake from the get-go and habits that I can honestly say have had a big impact on reducing my stress levels. And this was just from the FIRST SESSION!

Life Coaching

I really do feel like I can share a lot with Monika. She's a great person to share successes, dilemmas and questions - and with her expertise as a trained coach, she can use all these experiences to dive deeper into my character and develop my self-awareness.

As I've said above, I've been encouraged to make small changes in my daily routine, and what I've really enjoyed about the coaching is how tailored the sessions have been to me. It's clear Monika puts care and time into the sessions and her advice - nothing is generic and she is full of wisdom to guide you to a place you'd like to be.

✨ She is even trained to offer hypnotherapy ✨

Career Coaching

Monika offers a unique blend of life and career coaching - and my sessions came at PERFECT timing for application and interview season. I was able to bounce my ideas and triple check alllll my pieces of work to make sure I was making the most out of the word count and ensure I was drawing out the key competencies from my experiences.

WARNING: She literally has eagle eyes about grammar.

Monika has worked in HR, but also specifically in grad recruitment for top firm Shearman & Sterling - so someone with this knowledge and level of experience is invaluable. Imagine if you could have grad recruitment look over your application before you submit it... well, with Monika, you come pretty close.

Honestly, I feel very lucky to have an incredible relationship with Monika, and chatting to her is literally like talking to your best friend, but a best friend with EXPERT advice who will never judge or criticise you.

YOU can invest into your future and be pushed to succeed to your full potential - so if this is something you want, get in touch with Monika.

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